Bradley Central High School Transportation Cluster Programs Collision Repair and Maintenance and Light Repair students and teachers hosted a car show at Bradley Central High School today, September 26, 2019.  The Bear Knuckle Car Culture exhibit featured over 50 cars ranging from off-road vehicles to classic street rods and everything in between.  This successful annual event has grown every year over the last three years.  Teachers Rob Parker,, and Tim Turner, open this car show up to the entire school during 3rd block/lunchtime.  Rob Parker explains that the teachers are excited about the growth of the show which is a great introduction to careers in the world of transportation and exposes students to the programs of study available in Collision Repair and Maintenance and Light Repair. Tim Turner added that he was proud of the efforts of the students who arranged the car show using volunteers, a community car club and high school student participants.  Turner also shared that this is a way for ALL students who love cars and vehicles to learn interesting information about transportation even if they are not able to take classes in the regular programs of study.  It is a culture…Bear Knuckle Car Culture.

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