Engaging Students in Authentic Learning Experiences Connected to Local and Global Issues is more than just a course for Shawn Williams and Dak Keylon who completed a Micro-credential certification in the subject area.  The subject is the concentration of everyday lessons in… Read More

  During the transition year, 2019-2020, Career and Technical Education across the state of Tennessee will move from Perkins IV legislation to Perkins V.  While much will change, one component that will remain the same during this transition year is the Perkins… Read More

One “Bell” of a Day

BCHS Cosmetology students are making the world beautiful one cut at a time with an inspiring visit from Larry Bell!

Five Bradley Central High School students and eight Walker Valley High School students will represent Bradley County at Skills USA and HOSA National Leadership Conferences this week. The students qualified after winning a spot through state competitions at the Gold or Silver… Read More

The Around the County Podcast will focus on the theme each month of the Director’s View. March’s theme is Healthy Choices.  This month, we talked with Coordinated School Health coordinator Karen Slater.  Coordinated School Health provides information and activities to help students… Read More

Bradley Central High School senior Cosmetology students tour Franklin Academy and evaluate career opportunities in the Cosmetology industry.

B.C.H.S Cosmetology 3 students evaluate career opportunities with Cleveland Massage Institute.

Bradley Central High School Cosmetology students polished nails and provided Valentines for the residents at Brookdale.

Bradley Central High School National Technical Honor Society presented McKee Foods the plaque for Honorary Membership Friday, February 3, 2017 during a visit to the campus.  McKee Foods personnel included Jeff Carson, Kay Swartout, Margaret Hayes, and Daryl Somers. This group represented… Read More

  Check out yourskillsyourfuture.com for more information and to take a career survey. In response to the increased demand for advanced manufacturing/technical skill employees with training in such areas as   machining, welding, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, robotics, and other STEM and automation skills,… Read More