CONGRATULATIONS TO THE OFFICERS FOR THE 2016-2017 School Year President:  Lauryn Roby   Vice president: Rylee Lawson   Secretary: Viktoriya Marushka   Treasurer: Rena Charnecki   Parliamentarian: Madeline Brooks   Technical/media director (historian):  Lexie DeHart   Sentinels: Gabrielle Burse, Hayden Word  … Read More

“I want to hold your hand” by Jennifer Miles Click  ^ above to view the PowerPoint. Enjoy!

“I want to hold your hand”

Good morning y’all, The YCC spring break camp was a HUGE success. On Monday, we had a lesson on bionic hands and legs (prosthetics emphasis).  We did a small bionic hand that was made from crafts, such as tape, popsicle sticks, yarn,… Read More

On January 14, 2016 Health Science students from Bradley Central High School and Walker Valley High School attended the Lower East TN Regional Leadership Conference and Competitive Events.  The students represented Bradley County Schools well with multiple regional wins.  These students advance to… Read More