EPSOs-Early Postsecondary Opportunitites

Did you know that you can earn college credit while in high school?

What is your EPSO???  EPSOs are Early Postsecondary Opportunities. An EPSO is a course and/or exam that gives students a chance to obtain postsecondary credit (college credit) while still in high school.

Let’s Go: EPSO!!  #EPSOWeek2020

Click on the link below to check out the EPSOs in CTE and Core Academics!  Are you eligible?

Bradley Central EPSO Infographic 2020

Walker Valley EPSO Infographic 2020

Click on the links to learn more about each EPSO:

Advanced Placement The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program provides an opportunity for high school students to experience postsecondary-level coursework across multiple subjects. Each course is aligned to a subject-specific AP exam, which provides students the potential to earn credit for postsecondary coursework in that subject.

CLEP  Developed by the College Board, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams can be taken by students and adults to assess mastery of postsecondary-level material acquired in a variety of ways, including through general academic instructions, significant independent study or extracurricular work. Students can earn credit for postsecondary coursework in a specific subject. Examinations are currently offered in 33 subjects at test centers across the state.

Cambridge University Classes A division within the University of Cambridge, Cambridge International Examination provides internationally recognized academic programs for students age 5 to 19. The high school A and AS Level courses, available only through approved Cambridge International Schools, provide students the opportunity to earn postsecondary credit that is accepted by colleges in the U.S. and abroad. Offered at Bradley Central High School.

Dual Enrollment  Dual enrollment courses can be taught at the postsecondary campus, the high school, or online. The location of the course does not affect its status as a dual enrollment course. Students are enrolled at the postsecondary institution and earn postsecondary credit upon completion of the course.

Dual Credit   Local dual credit is a high school course aligned to a local postsecondary institution’s course and exam. Students who pass the exam earn credits that are accepted and/or recognized by the local post-secondary institution.

Industry Certification Industry certifications (IC) are earned through secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs and courses.

Statewide Dual Credit All students enrolled in a statewide dual credit course take the online challenge exam, which is used to assess mastery of the postsecondary-level learning objectives. Students who meet or exceed the exam ‘cut score’ receive college credit that can be applied to any Tennessee public postsecondary institution.