B.C.H.S Cosmetology 3 students evaluate career opportunities with Cleveland Massage Institute.


Bradley Central High School Cosmetology students polished nails and provided Valentines for the residents at Brookdale.


stephen-may-1 stephen-may-2

Stephen May was accompanied by his mom at the ninth annual Governor Volunteer Stars Award ceremony on Sunday, February 12, 2017 in Franklin, Tennessee where he represented Bradley County.  One adult and one youth from each county was recognized for the great work, self-less contributions, and community outreach which made each exemplary volunteers. Stephen’s application outlined the work he completed as he led the Live Drug Free charge in Bradley County along with  the other students from Bradley Central High School and Walker Valley High School.  In CTE, Stephen is a welding student, Youth Career Connect student, and National Technical Honor Society student among other accomplishments.  Stephen represents Bradley County well.




” Teacher Joe Bryan and his students at Walker Valley High School in Cleveland, Tennessee have had staggering success with their use of Jasperactive – the world’s first Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Standard! ” states the CCI Learning website.  CCI Learning posted an interview type article outlining the uses for instruction, the testing for certifications, and other information regarding classroom practices completed at Walker Valley High School in Mr. Bryan’s class.  Jasperactive is the new textbook adopted last year for use in the Computer Applications class.  In the short months since beginning in September, Joe Bryan has become a featured best practices teacher for the program.  A school in Vietnam and schools in the United States have contacted Joe Bryan regarding the use of Jasperactive and the success of his students.  We are very proud of the efforts of Mr. Bryan and the students of WVHS.

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Bradley Central High School National Technical Honor Society presented McKee Foods the plaque for Honorary Membership Friday, February 3, 2017 during a visit to the campus.  McKee Foods personnel included Jeff Carson, Kay Swartout, Margaret Hayes, and Daryl Somers. This group represented the areas of Human Relations, Maintenance and Technical Skills.  McKee Foods Corporation and this team have been vital in the growth of programming in Bradley County through generous donations of product, funds, and time, internship and field trip opportunities for students and teachers, service to program development through advisory committee membership, and technical input.  Shawn Williams, machining instructor, and Mark Kress, welding instructor, provided tours of the classroom and discussion of the technical skill development attained by students in the Career and Technical Education classes at BCHS.   McKee Foods provided these programs a means to purchase new smart televisions for the classrooms to increase technology during theory and content presentations.  We are excited about the partnership and activities planned with McKee Foods and look forward to working together in the future to prepare a workforce.

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Check out yourskillsyourfuture.com for more information and to take a career survey.

In response to the increased demand for advanced manufacturing/technical skill employees with training in such areas as   machining, welding, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, robotics, and other STEM and automation skills, the Cleveland Bradley Chamber of Commerce launched an initiative on Friday.  The target for the Your Skills Your Future drive is to promote programs which prepare students and employees for the high skill and high demand careers available in the region.  This public relations outreach will last 3 years headed by the Chattanooga based Waterhouse PR firm.  The purpose for the campaign is to inform the community, parents, students, counselors, teachers, administrators, employers and adult learners, of the affordable education training opportunities as well as the excellent employment opportunities within the technical skills area.

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There’s something to say about the two CADI classes that were a part of the Junior Achievement Company Program this semester. I had two companies, The Dub-V Band-its and The Dub-V Originals, each company started their own companies from scratch to liquidation (selling out). Each group had a marketing, sales, finance, purchasing and management department in their company. The split into groups and formed the companies and decided what type of merchandise they were going to brand and sell. In short these kids ran their own company in 12 weeks.

The Dub-V Band-its sold wristbandsbandits

The Dub-V Originals sold Rally Towels, called the “Corral Towel”wvhscorraltowel

The Dub-V Band-its sold 900 wristbands and 500 were sold within 24 hours of being in stock. The Dub-V Originals sold 127 Rally towels by December 6th deadline and will continue to sell next semester.

25% of the Dub-V Band-its sales were being donated to The Caring Place.


100% of the Dub-V Originals sales were being donated to a beloved Substitute here at Walker Valley, Ms. Mary Howard, that lost her dear home to a house fire. mary-howard-dubv

In addition to the Dub-V Band-its, 9 students, shown here, gave 100% of their earnings to Ms. Mary Howard.


I am very proud of ALL the students in the CADI classes and their dedication.


Jennifer Miles, M.Ed