Walker Valley High School explores the world of aquaponics engineering: STEAM Camp 2017


Six Walker Valley High School students completed a week long STEAM camp/industry project coordinated by Cleveland State Community College in cooperation with DENSO Manufacturing Athens and the Pathways Bradley Youth CareerConnect grant.  The students developed aquaponics lab models to be replicated to full scale at the DENSO facility in Athens during the 2017-2018 school year.  The camp included an industry tour, meeting with representatives from DENSO to develop the parameters for the project including budget, size, and requirements for the agricultural labs, touring an aquaponics facility in Georgia, and working with professionals in CAD and agriculture to create the working models on display.  At the end of the project, teams presented the completed replicas to a panel of DENSO employees who considered all aspects of the working models.  The DENSO representatives have made suggestions for the next phase of the camp project which is to build the aquaponics lab at the Athens facility.  Students worked in the month of July to combine suggested components into a CAD drawing.  All students received a prize from DENSO manufacturing for the innovation in engineering, CAD, and agriculture. Walker Valley High School students will work during and after school to complete this project for the Athens community.

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