“I want to hold your hand”

Good morning y’all,

The YCC spring break camp was a HUGE success. On Monday, we had a lesson on bionic hands and legs (prosthetics emphasis).  We did a small bionic hand that was made from crafts, such as tape, popsicle sticks, yarn, rubber bands, and cardboard. This lesson was very interactive and fun!

On Tuesday we left out with 21 students and 3 chaperones to Titusville/Cape Canaveral, FL. The bus ride was 12 hours and by the time we got to the hotel we got to eat then observe a LAUNCH! How cool is that?!?!

On Wednesday we left for Kennedy Space Center and was just amazed at all the opportunities available for the students. The bus ride to the launch pad was just unbelievable as was the Atlantis.

I will soon post a PowerPoint of the trip, and I hope that we will get the chance to do this again.20160323_142452

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